Rule Add-ons

These are extra abilities you can take. I will update periodically.
GGRPG New abilities

Special Training:
Constrict: Flourish trick, costs 2 points. For one flourish, the creature can grasp the target in its natural weapons (typically claws or bite) and begin to squeeze. The creature can escape with an opposed check vs. either Str+Athletics or Dex+Acrobatics) on its turn. Failure means it takes damage as if hit (automatic). Near miss means it’s still stuck, but takes no damage, success means freedom, flourishes means you still get to act.

Disable: Costs 1 point. Can attack with melee weapons and deal non-lethal damage with no penalties.

Wanderer (costs 2): As Raised on Castle Wolfenbach, but a chance of having a contact in the slightly seedy side of town (e.g. a barkeeper, the town gossip, etc.), instead of knowing an important/famous person

Armor Training: every 3 points, reduces armor penalty by 1.

Poisoner: Can apply a potion to a weapon as a standard action. For 3 extra points, can apply it to one weapon/turn as a move action.

Berserker: As a free action, can gain +2 to damage, +1 AV, -2 to DA. For every point spent, increase all numbers corresponding.

Specialized Spark (3): Choose one spark skill. Your sparkiness in that skill is considered 1 higher. You take a -5 on all spark rolls not on that skill. You can only take this ability once.

Body Mods
Hive Mind – As they lose HP, their Wits score decreases. Every 1/Wits fraction of their HP lost reduces wits by 1, to a final wits of 0 at at HP (death). This reduces DA and other attributes accordingly

Hive Body: +5 DA and AV vs. individualized attacks (like swords, bows, etc)

Mechanical Body: (0 points) immune to poison and beneficial potions unless intentionally built for a mechanical body. Finding things designed for clanks is harder, and costs roughly 50% more.

Generic Merits
Specialized Assistant: 1 pt chose up to one assistant per point of leadership. When working with all assistants chosen (and no one else), get a +1 on leadership rolls. When working with any other assistants (or missing one or more of the chosen assistants), get a -1 on all spark rolls, and -2 on leadership rolls. Can train a new assistant to replace an existing one with one month of training.

Iron Will: As obedient, but exactly opposite.

Custom Items
Difficult to Aim: Counts as 1 spark level higher than it is for all attributes (damage, range, etc). Requires a full rounds action (no move that turn), and the target cannot dodge at all (DA goes to 10)

Long Recharge: Weapon can only be fired every other turn. Counts as 1 spark level higher for damage only.

Rule Add-ons

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