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  • shadow-walkers

    A clan of raiders. They threatened the [[:chicken-lady]]'s people to join or else, and after they refused, the town was destroyed by an [[earthquake]]. They live in the middle of the desert, west of the ruined city.

  • Bratva

    20 year old crime syndicate in [[New Dessia]]. "I’ve heard that Gretl, the owner of the Quiver and Stallion Inn has decided to stop paying Bratva's fees. She thinks she can get away with it, with everything that's been going on." supplanted a …

  • council

    The council is composed of three sparks, three merchants, and three nobles. They meet in the town council meeting room, which is a large round room with 10 entrances, one for each counselor. There is a large throne in the center that is officially for …