Log 4-10-14

GM decision: W42-502 receives some small amount of money and pie from the lady who’s husband he helped fix. He shares this pie with Ozymandias.

Miriam and Minerva go back to Miriam’s house. Robodetective spells Annabelle, who goes home to sleep. Around 2 am, Robodetective is asked if he would like a room. He goes home and comes back once he is allowed.

Minerva makes armor for Cat-wagon, while Miriam helps not much at all. During this day Robodetective feels like someone is following him. He goes to the backdoor of the inn and out to the edge of the alley. Nothing is there, even after a half hour. Annabelle notices that when Robodetective comes in, a few people react, but how is unclear. She ramps up her huckster act in response and they trade off who’s on shift.

That evening when Robodetective goes back to his office, he realizes that people have been in his office, riffling through his stuff. Nothing has been taken. The lock was picked and relocked, but no significant damage.

The next morning the Sparks rejoin the rotation, playing complicated card games. Annabelle takes the morning shift, the Sparks do afternoon, Robodetective stays as long as he is allowed. Robodetective notices during a busy period someone coming up to innkeeper, they talk for a few minutes and they go into a back room together.

Annabelle and Robodetective sneak up and hear, “Did you hear that? Nevermind, pay up!” She protests that profits were down this week, but says she’ll pay anyway. Then he steps out into the hallway. He exists through the back door and Annabelle tails him…unsuccessfully.

He turns and asks, “What do you want?” Annabelle proceeds to tell him, “Your ass looks really nice.” Eyebrow wiggling and flirting ensues, Annabelle is invited to a different inn. He pays for her drinks from money from a rather large bag full of cash. He is talking himself up as really important to the organization in an attempt to aah…be her friend. He doesn’t want to bring her back to headquarters. They rent a room and sleep together. She also learns his name is Mykola Tkachenko.

While he is sleeping, she looks through his things. She finds lots of money and a list of words with the top two crossed off. Annabelle then sneaks out. She comes back to the inn and says that she was made, but that she got to look through his stuff. Robodetective asks if she knocked him unconscious, to which she says yes. He finds that she is not entirely truthful. She shares that he is still in the inn. The list is random words, a couple fruit for example.

Robodetective goes to the inn where Mykola is and is waiting for him to come downstairs.. Miriam comes with him. He exits, he ducks into barnyard and Robodetective doesn’t see, but Miriam does. He reaches a two story beat up house. The house is in good repair structurally while looking just run-down enough to blend into the rather run-down neighborhood. We are in the south part of the city. He goes up to the door and it opens just a little and then he goes in. Miriam goes back to the inn and tells the party where the house is located.

We send a letter to the councilman requesting a meeting. We receive a response in the morning that he will see us at 3pm for a spot of tea. That afternoon we go to his manor house, which is of moderate size but as well kept as it should be. We are lead into a sitting room.

Robodetective says that we have information for him. The councilman appears to have difficulty immediately recalling why we are here. He comments that the crime was never this bad when he was young. The councilman is framing it as his duty as a councilman. Robodetective asks if he received the previous letter. He says yes and that he would arrest the man if only he could find him. In terms of reward, he says that the council may have some reward, speak freely so that we can see. Robodetective says, “So you could get the credit.”

He appreciates the honesty, he does not have much to give us, but he has negotiations that might be fruitful. He would potentially be willing to do a favor of some sort for us. He was appreciative, but not too excited. He had a lot of questions we had no answers for and we noted that we had not wanted to go too far forward on this without his go ahead.

Upon our return home we receive letters offering us positions as mercenaries from both sides of the conflict between the two nearby cities that have had a long-running feud which has been heating up.

Homework: What do we want from game? What kinds of adventures do we want? 2exp



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