Game: 3/30/14

The team is cleaning up the situation. MADAC andRobodetective are bringing back the injured Bratva members. Annabelle asks Gretl what she thinks might have caused it. Just as the party comes back together in front of the burning inn, The Inquisitor, his silent friend and a squad of the city guard appear. The Sergeant Yuri Petrenko yells for everyone to start a water brigade, however it appears the fire brigade is not here as it should be. The Inquisitor asks Annabelle, Miriam, Minerva and MADAC what is happened here. Gretl explains what she heard. She is very upset because she has lost everything because she didn’t pay the protection money. Then asks if we are connected to the clank that just took two bodies around the corner.

Robodetective meanwhile has dragged his captives down an alley and is questioning him. He learns after some intimidation that his superior was Arshas the Profit. However, around this time the guardsmen find Robodetective and the Bratva duo.

The front of the inn collapses, hurting one of the bystanders further. Annabelle rescues him and stabilize him. After some back and forth with the Inquisitor in which Robodetective is doubtful of his authority, the Sergeant requests our presence as witnesses at the guard station. The party troops to the guard station.

Annabelle and Miriam, having not been involved in the

Robodetective cooperates, but he asserts that some information can’t be shared as he has a conflict of interest, aka a client. MADAC is more cooperative and achieves a level of rapport with him. The Inquisitor is also seeking to destroy the Bratva and is rather passionate about it. Minerva doesn’t give him any new information. We are allowed to leave.

The humans go home and get some rest. Robodetective has MADAC deliver a message to his client discreetly. Robodetective then engages in wild good chase maneuvers. MADAC with some…shenanigans….delivers the message.

We all meet up the next morning to discuss our next move. Robodetective proposes investigating Arshas the Profit. Robodetective proposes finding more Bratva and getting information from them or following them. We settle on waiting at another inn until the Bratva hit them up for their money. Robodetective would like to check in Ozymandias while the rest of us start the waiting game.

On the way to Ozymandias, Robodetective meets an upset woman who asks for his help. Her husband suddenly started telling her she was old and ugly out of nowhere. He went to a bar the night before, then came home and insulted me and went to bed. He was eating at Gretl’s inn. Robodetective is happy to investigate Petro and Luba’s issue and would like to speak with him.

Annabelle is working the inn, pretending she is trying to hire people for a crazy job to fetch mystical treasure her grandfather told her about one time. MADAC is seeing if anyone is interested in messenger services. Miriam and Minerva play cards quietly, pretending they are not associated with either of them. MADAC gets a message to take and goes across town to deliver it. Nothing suspicious happens.

Robodetective finds Ozymandias has set himself up nicely, almost identically to his old cave. He has had only one visitor. Ozymandias doesn’t makes us pay in answers for casual questions as we are now friends, which he has never had before. Robodetective tells him that he is just checking in. Ozymandias has discovered numerals engraved on the catacomb ceilings. A few people have come down to talk with him, including Igor Trubetskoy.

Robodetective learns that he can extend his senses a bit more than humans. It is rather restricted in a way that he can’t explain. Unfortunately Ozymandias doesn’t know that much about the Bratva. He does advise that humans are fairly complicated. He then heads back to the inn.

Miriam, Minerva, and Robodetective go to the inn where the old lady’s husband is drinking. We notice that there is some animosity between the husband and two other patron. Robdetective learns that the trio normally come here everyday and are great friends. But today, the old man is just rude! Yesterday he ran out when the other inn caught on fire, but I haven’t seen anything strange.

Miriam and Minerva ask if they can sit with the duo. After some conversation, they learn that the Inquisitor has only been in the city likely for a few weeks and that the duo is suspicious of him. They offer to speak to the captain about the sergeant. They also learn that Petro had no known reason to suddenly turn so mean and the duo attribute it to being old and suddenly losing it.

Robodetective approaches Petro, who is rather cranky at being approached. He says that things have always been terrible and people are getting upset because he is finally saying how he feels. He doesn’t know why he has the urge to say what he’d been thinking. Eventually it comes out that he is a little confused about exactly what happened last night. Robodetective gets him to speak with Miriam.

Miriam interacts with him to determine the cause. She learns that something happened at the fire, some variety of truth-inducing procedure but surgery or potions unsure, suspect that it will go away on its own. She talks him into agreeing to a medical examination in Ozymandias’ cave. Once the whole party arrives at Ozymandias’ cave, our friend declares that he can’t help with people’s psyche. Petro has a private meeting with him and seems cured.

Robodetective delivered him home, despite his preferences.



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