Game 1-12-14

After a good night’s sleep, we head out of the city, due to Annabelle’s impending marriage issue and the rather important role we played in the revolution. Many others are leaving the city at the same time. We are heading towards Ozymandias and Slupsk and meat pies.

Annabelle buys herself some meat pies and we head to Ozymandias’ cave. We go into the cave and see the crackling being of energy. Now that we know what to look for, there is a generator in the back and know that that is where he is generated from. He asks us if we have questions.

Annabelle asks him if he remembers us. He asks “Do you remember me?” There is mutual remembering. Ozymandias had hoped that we would be the ones to take care of Bruno. Annabelle asks if he is happy in Slupsk. Ozymandias asks what makes her happy. She replies, “I like being relevant and important to what is going on.” He replies, “ I am content here.”

We then ask him, “Are you willing to go somewhere with us?” We are asked, Where are you going? We are going to New Dessia and we have reason to believe there is someone who would be fascinated with you.
Ozymandias is uncertain. He doesn’t have a current desire to do so.
Annabelle paints New Dessia as a place with many interesting people who come and go, lots of interesting information to be had. Miriam adds that it will also put outside of Bruno’s reach, when Bruno might need to reclaim whatever he could.

He refuses to allow Bruno or anyone else to trap or entrap him. We assure him will we not do so. “How do we move him?” we ask. He says that he does that himself. He moves his own generator. He controls magnetic and electronic fields. Given the slight wobbling, it is not perfectly controlled, but close, so it shouldn’t seriously impact Catwagon or anything else. The crazed brother was bolted down by some non-metallic substance.

Oxymandias is strapped safely inside Catwagon. We travel for several weeks to get inside the raider territory where our friend Chicken Lady is still alive and managing her home all alone. Her actual name is Irina. Her chickens are well.

We get back to New Dessia. We all heave a sigh of relief for being home. After a brief discussion among ourselves and Ozymandias, it is determined that we will present the dead generator to our boss and inform the council that Ozymandias is here and he would like to settle himself somewhere, such as the catacombs and be open to the people. Annabelle will present this as a service to the city that our team has performed in hopes of getting a reward.

Ozymandias, Catwagon and RoboDetective hang out outside the city while the rest of us go into the city. MADAC catches up on what has happened recently. He learns that the feud between the towns of Bilhorod and Dnistrovs’kyi has escalated into a full scale war, and people are being slaughtered on the streets. He also learns that crime is way up in the city. There are rumors of raiders everyone attacked settlements using spark weapons to do so. The man calling himself the Inquisitor has appeared a few weeks ago and is making a nuisance of himself. He also ran into a man who says, “My mother-in-law hid the family treasure in these hideous chairs, and I only found out after I had sold them. I’ll pay well to someone who will help me recover them!”

Annabelle goes home and spends the day cleaning herself and her stuff up and resting. Miriam and Minerva go back to Miriam’s house, where they recharge, clean up and tinker in the lab. The next morning, most of us receive a scroll from a well-dressed man that summons us to a meeting with the Counciler this evening at 7pm. If this time doesn’t work, please inform the steward. RoboDetective is at his office, where he obviously does not receive it.

That evening, we all head to the meeting in moderately nice clothes if we wear them. We go to his rather nice house, which is full of unusual things. We reach the room where is the Councilman and his friend Victor can be found. He greets us and wants to know what and who we have brought back.

We are offered 100 Kopek for the generator. We accept his offer for the generator. Annabelle informs him that we brought Ozymandias to the city, bringing hopefully tourists and money to the city.

He would like a favor of us. “As you know, the council is full of bickering, it would help me a fair amount if you were to act as if you all were inspired to see Ozymandias by my own suggestion. If I could present myself as your patron in this matter, I would be willing to reward you generously.” H e offers us to double the price of the generator. Our part in it will be mentioned. Annabelle insists that we be present in the council meeting. We will ask Ozymandias if he would like to speak with him. RoboDetective has stared at him throughout the whole meeting. (Robo Detective STAAAARE)

Miriam goes out to meet with Ozymandias, gives him a summary of the meeting and asks about whether he would like to meet to with the Councilor. She arranges for the Councilor to meet with Ozymandias, which happens in the next few days. This happens the next day. Our group shows him where Ozymandias is, then backs out of auditory range. Victor circles the wagon, then joins us. They have a nice secret conversation. Then we move the location of the CatWagon.

Annabelle gathers some more rumors and improves her relations with her contacts. RoboDetective tries to get some business, but has difficulty getting reasonable clients. Miriam investigates the raiders. She slowly becomes sure that someone is directly planting this rumor, but can’t actually find more concrete information. She also learned about Steven Sondheim who has been building large numbers of clanks, perhaps to defend us from these raiders. Miriam shares this information with the group.

Minerva, with minimal assistance form Miriam, makes a concussion gun to knock people out and disorient them in only 4 hours. Annabelle goes searching for job opportunities. She learns that Gretl, the owner of the Quiver and Stallion Inn has decided to stop paying Bratva’s fees. She thinks she can get away with it, with everything that’s been going on. Bratva is an organized crime group, established about 20 years ago.

Annabelle keeps looking for rumors and jobs. She learns Councilor Ochenko lost a lot of money when her mining outpost was destroyed, but I hear she’ still loaded! She also learns someone in the government has been funneling spark equipment to criminal elements in the city. Furthermore, Councilor Trubetskoy has been borrowing a lot of money. I wonder what he’s been spending all of it on? One young man says," It’s happened to another one. This man doesn’t remember a thing in his life after the age of 10! Everything after that is just gone!"

As a group we discuss the rumors. Who is spreading the rumors about the raiders and why? What force is rising in the city, perhaps fueled by the spark weapons and our friend Trubetskoy’s money?



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