New Dessia

*Government: City is ruled by “The Council“: 3 sparks, 3 hereditary nobles, 3 wealthiest merchants. Sparks are strictly forbidden from having any of the non-spark seats, to keep the city running relatively sanely.
*Economy: Bustling Trade hub along the Black Sea as well as land routes into Central Europe and North into Russia. The surrounding land is fertile and prosperous, so the city (and surroundings) are a net exporter of food. The city also is also a well regarded textile producer
*Architecture: Famous steps leading from the port into the center of the city, impressive architecture, particularly the market (The Passage) and the Council Hall, extensive network of catacombs under the city from stone mining
*Population: around 30,000
*Surroundings: a few small villages surround the city, but it quickly fades into the wild and dangerous countryside. Tiraspol is to the Northwest and Mykolaiv to the East are the only major cities within 100 miles. Farther to the West are the Carpathian mountains. To the south is the Black Sea. The major city of Kiev is 300 miles to the North.
*Currency: the Kopek (1 kopek=1salvage)
*Weather: Warm temperate (warm to hot summers, cold winters)
*Crime: moderate, mostly theft and extortion.

Four Quarters of the City

Prymors’kyi (east)
Many inns
Middle-class craftspeople
Also includes the docks.

Maynovs’kyi (west)
Countains the town council meeting building
Also known for housing most of the lords, some of the merchants.
Most of the cities monuments and statues

Suvorovs’kyi (North-Northeast)
Also known for its theaters and parks

Kyivs’kyi (south)
Seedy underbelly
The Hippodrome (horse racing)
Also includes part of the docks

Spark Councilors:
Ivan Nosnevets, Senior Professor of Biological Studies
Stefan Kostuyev, Dean of the School of Animated Engineering
Laura Kessler, Head of the Theoretical Physics Deptartment

Merchant Councilor:
Warrick Eldrin: primarily land trade to the west, knows a short route into moldova/romania, rare ores for textiles
Anastasyia Ochenko: primarily naval trade on the black sea (mostly to Constantinople). Silk for fur and rare ores. Also controls mines which produce the ore.
Svetlana Shostakovich: textiles

Lord (or Lady) Councilors:
Daniil Ostrogski: Ostrogski is the wealthiest and most respected of the noble families,
Igor Trubetskoy: House Trubetskoy and Ostrogski have been rivals for centuries.
Aleksander Belenchko: The poorest of the nobles.

The Bratva are a local crime syndicate.

There has been a recent crime wave.

New Dessia

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