The council is composed of three sparks, three merchants, and three nobles.
They meet in the town council meeting room, which is a large round room with 10 entrances, one for each counselor. There is a large throne in the center that is officially for the Baron.

Spark Councilors:
Ivan Nosnevets, Senior Professor of Biological Studies
Stefan Kostuyev, Dean of the School of Animated Engineering
Laura Kessler, Head of the Theoretical Physics Deptartment

Merchant Councilor:
Warrick Eldrin: primarily land trade to the west, knows a short route into moldova/romania, rare ores for textiles
Anastasyia Ochenko: primarily naval trade on the black sea (mostly to Constantinople). Silk for fur and rare ores. Also controls mines which produce the ore.
Svetlana Shostakovich: textiles

Lord (or Lady) Councilors:
Daniil Ostrogski: Ostrogski is the wealthiest and most respected of the noble families,
Igor Trubetskoy: House Trubetskoy and Ostrogski have been rivals for centuries.
Aleksander Belenchko: The poorest of the nobles.


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