Something sparky is going on in Bialystok. The party is off to investigate. Rumors speak of many clanks.

City is run by Bruno Abdank and managed by Abraham Lichstein.

Seems to be martial law, run by blue-gem-headed clanks who arrest people and “disappear” them.

River runs through center of city but main bridge is out. There is major construction going on at the bridge at Lipowa street, and it’s causing massive traffic snarls on the smaller bridges.

Clanks have been going crazy recently, seemingly sentient and independent. According to Ozimandias thoughts are being beamed from a device.

Rumor – there is an illegal underground fighting ring of independent clanks.

Rumors – Ariel and Anton are heroes who are going to save the day, they are based in such and such an inn

- Bruno is constructing an army; some say he plans to conquer the whole empire.

- Bruno’s seneschal (Abraham Lichstein) and a few of the sparks (Monika Malinowski,Mikolaj Kopernik) are based in town hall and trying to keep the whole city from going straight to hell. They have troops, and are providing healing.

- Some of the local residents are forming a resistance movement to remove Bruno Abdank before he gets crazy enough to cause serious damage to the city.

- I heard that one of the first clanks to gain sentience knows something about how Bruno’s mass producing so many clanks. (Ozimandias)


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