Tag: sparks


  • The Inquisitor

    He doesn't like us much. Self-appointed judge and jury (and sometimes executioner) in [[Vasarhely]]. Spark. Has some cool gadgets. Has showed up in [[New Dessia]] and is bothering lots of people, claiming that he will be able to do something about …

  • Arminius Von Gailingen

    Very charismatic leader, who has assembled quite a band to head off into the wilderness and start a colony. Though some of us were tempted to join him, eventually, common sense warned us away. He has a snake clank that aids him in appealing to people's …

  • Bruno Abdank

    Used to run [[Bialystok]] but has locked himself up in his palace the last few months. Denies making something to cause the clanks to act weirdly: will be terribly offended if accused of it. His clanks have been arresting people and "disappearing" them. …

  • Monika Malinowski

    Doesn't like [[:bruno]]. Works for [[:abraham]] temporarily. Minor spark. Helps subdue dangerous foes with her weapon. Has many ideas about running the city. Seemed to be taking over as Bruno fell.