Tag: plot hook


  • The feud

    The feud between the towns of Bilhorod and Dnistrovs’kyi has escalated into a full scale war, and people are being slaughtered on the streets. We could get work as mercenaries working for either side.

  • Hideous Chairs

    My mother-in-law hid the family treasure in these hideous chairs, and I only found out after I had sold them. I'll pay well to someone who will help me recover them!

  • Bratva

    20 year old crime syndicate in [[New Dessia]]. "I’ve heard that Gretl, the owner of the Quiver and Stallion Inn has decided to stop paying Bratva's fees. She thinks she can get away with it, with everything that's been going on." supplanted a …

  • crime wave

    [[New Dessia]] seems to be experiencing a crime wave. Could this have something to do with the [[Bratva | Bratva]]? Are they losing power?