Tag: nobles


  • Adrian Mures

    The heroes escorted him to Vasarhely. He had business of his own, but also confirmed to Warrick Eldrin that the task had been accomplished. *The [[:inquisitor]] and the [[:executioner]] don't like him Nobleman who works for [[:warrick-eldrin]] and …

  • Igor Trubetskoy

    He is a collector of spark creations, and has agreed to pay us for an interesting find. Works with [[:victor]]? On the council in [[new dessia]]. There is a rumor that he has been borrowing a lot of money recently.

  • Aleksander Belenchko

    Noble on the council, though poor. Late middle age. In negotiations for something profitable. Has son Aleksander, has head for numbers, not a fighter. Requested that the party look into the [[Bratva | Bratva]]