Tag: informants


  • Irena (Chicken Lady)

    She lives in the ruins of the raider city. Told us about the [[shadow-walkers]]. She refuses to leave her home, even after the town was destroyed by an [[earthquake]] and the rest of the residents left.

  • Ozimandias

    Created by [[:bruno]] as an energy source. Used to Protect [[slupsk]], but is now in the catacombs of [[New Dessia]] accessible from [[:igor | Igor's]] estate. Will exchange answers to questions for answers to questions.

  • Xander

    Works at underground clank fighting ring in [[Bialystok]]. [[:W42-502]] has agreed to fight for him in exchange for information.

  • Mykola Tkachenko

    Bratva thug that was sent to pick up protection money from the inn that the the party was staking out. When [[:annabelle | Annabelle]] followed him, he noticed her and she flirted with him. Willing to spend [[Bratva | Bratva]] gold on a drink. Had …