Tag: New Dessia


  • Bratva

    20 year old crime syndicate in [[New Dessia]]. "I’ve heard that Gretl, the owner of the Quiver and Stallion Inn has decided to stop paying Bratva's fees. She thinks she can get away with it, with everything that's been going on." supplanted a …

  • council

    The council is composed of three sparks, three merchants, and three nobles. They meet in the town council meeting room, which is a large round room with 10 entrances, one for each counselor. There is a large throne in the center that is officially for …

  • Warrick Eldrin

    Wealthy and well-connected, Warrick Eldrin is an important man in [[New Dessia]]. He hired the party to discover why his caravans through the Carpathians had completely stopped. He is always dressed in the most expensive and fashionable clothes.

  • Adrian Mures

    The heroes escorted him to Vasarhely. He had business of his own, but also confirmed to Warrick Eldrin that the task had been accomplished. *The [[:inquisitor]] and the [[:executioner]] don't like him Nobleman who works for [[:warrick-eldrin]] and …

  • The Inquisitor

    He doesn't like us much. Self-appointed judge and jury (and sometimes executioner) in [[Vasarhely]]. Spark. Has some cool gadgets. Has showed up in [[New Dessia]] and is bothering lots of people, claiming that he will be able to do something about …

  • Anastasia Ochenko

    Looking for people to do work for her in her mines. Rumors say she is an honest employer but a bit of a vamp. She is on the council in [[new dessia]] as a merchant. Her mining outpost was destroyed after only a few months, and she lost a lot of money …

  • Igor Trubetskoy

    He is a collector of spark creations, and has agreed to pay us for an interesting find. Works with [[:victor]]? On the council in [[new dessia]]. There is a rumor that he has been borrowing a lot of money recently.

  • Mykola Tkachenko

    Bratva thug that was sent to pick up protection money from the inn that the the party was staking out. When [[:annabelle | Annabelle]] followed him, he noticed her and she flirted with him. Willing to spend [[Bratva | Bratva]] gold on a drink. Had …

  • Aleksander Belenchko

    Noble on the council, though poor. Late middle age. In negotiations for something profitable. Has son Aleksander, has head for numbers, not a fighter. Requested that the party look into the [[Bratva | Bratva]]