Tag: Bialystok


  • Bruno Abdank

    Used to run [[Bialystok]] but has locked himself up in his palace the last few months. Denies making something to cause the clanks to act weirdly: will be terribly offended if accused of it. His clanks have been arresting people and "disappearing" them. …

  • Monika Malinowski

    Doesn't like [[:bruno]]. Works for [[:abraham]] temporarily. Minor spark. Helps subdue dangerous foes with her weapon. Has many ideas about running the city. Seemed to be taking over as Bruno fell.

  • Xander

    Works at underground clank fighting ring in [[Bialystok]]. [[:W42-502]] has agreed to fight for him in exchange for information.

  • Anton & Ariel

    They are staying at the "the sailor's delight" inn in [[Bialystok]]. They have two burly bodyguards/ minions : Sergei and mikola. Ariel is talkative and Anton is short-spoken. consider themselves the heroes of the world. Used to own the motorbikes …