The vast majority of this information Miriam has kept to herself. If you have any questions about what your character knows about her backstory just ask.

Miriam is fascinated with what makes people tick and the ways that they use to communicate and make decisions. Her family is connected by blood to a family known for their powerful sparks however, the Baron found himself required to make a show of power and eliminate key members of that family. As a result, Miriam’s family remembers what power feels like, but after the Baron took care of their relatives when she was 5, they allowed themselves to fade quietly into the background so he would never think of them. Her grandfather, a spark himself, restricted himself to quiet tinkering in his basement laboratory. This fade into the background and the subsequent ways that it changed her surroundings and the various members of her family made Miriam wonder about why people change. Her grandfather’s sparkiness is focused on methods of communication and Miriam spent many afternoons playing in her grandfather’s labs. Her mother decided around the age of 10 that it was dangerous to encourage her, just in case Miriam was a spark, and put her foot down about hanging out with her grandfather.

Miriam’s spark broke out a year later despite her mother’s precaution when she built a machine that forced people to make decisions or else face consequences. The contraption basically trapped whoever went in until they managed to make a set of decisions. Within the contraption there are various consequences for actions. In the spark frenzy, Miriam set one of them to death. Thus, her 8 year old sister died. Subsequently Miriam was rather traumatized and convinced humans were not good test subjects. She still had this deep desire to understand people but attempted to channel it into conducting experiments on clanks. Her family did their best to cover up the manner of her sister’s death and Miriam’s sparkiness, but rumors got out. Miriam was sent to a special ladies finishing school for potential sparks and sparks that focused on controlling spark abilities and channeling interests as far from sparkiness as possible. It was there that Miriam focused on language, psychology and anthropology because the short-sighted headmistress saw no potential sparkiness in those topics.

After her graduation at 18, her family attempted to marry her to a man she considered a complete buffoon for political reasons. She allowed much of the marriage proceedings to go on but created a draught that made the groom say the opposite of what he thought during the ceremony. Thus, her family was so outraged that they called off the wedding immediately. However, this event caught the attention of one of the Baron’s agents and led to being cut off by her family from any resources that might allow her to practice sparkiness.

At the time of game, Miriam has grown frustrated with the restrictions of her family and has quietly siphoned off money from her family to support the rent of a small house in a New Dessia where she keeps her laboratory.


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