Looking for adventure!


HP 21 DA 17 Initiative 1 Armor Bonus 0

Strength 1 Stamina 1 Perception 2
Dexterity 3 Charisma 2 Wits 2

1 Soft-Hearted
3 Sane


Lvl 3 gun: 6d6, -1, 150 ft., 1rd reload
Lvl 3 goggles: give infra and low light vision, +3 perception
Lvl 2 lie detector: +2 sense motive
Lvl 1 running legs: +1 to leg things
Lvl 1 “wrench”: +1 repair
Lvl 0 set of desert clothing – harder to see in desert environment

Dodge 2
Initiative 1
Guns 2 (Gewitzt)
Health 3

Acrobatics 1
Athletics 1
Craft 1 (tool)
Pilot 3+2 (Air, boat, walking)
Repair 4+2

First aid 2
Linguistics 1
Research 2

Alertness 2
Handling 3+2 (Gewitzt mon. (2))
Diplomacy 1
Intimidation 2
Sense Motive/
Empathy 0 -10 (
2 for gadget)
Spark Assisting 1 (-3)

Experience 6
Money 50

Lab Assistant: When using spark assist, reroll the first failures when assisting (but do not reroll close calls).

Wealth (4): You start with four times the normal wealth.

Iron Will (3): For each point gained you get a -1 bonus to minion assist rolls, and +2 to rolls resisting leadership and other social attempts to control you or order you to do something.

Deep sleeper(-1): for -1 point, you take a -2 penalty on all rolls and DA for the first five rounds after you are awoken.

Gullible (-2): For each point gained, you get a -5 on sense motive rolls.

Poor sense of direction (-1): Effect: For -1 point, you get lost easily and must roll int+alertness whenever navigating on your own.

Animal empathy: You can make animal handling rolls on animals you are untrained in, and gain a +2 bonus when handling other animals.

No surprise: You are never surprised in combat. If an unseen enemy attacks you, they still get to go first, but you can respond immediately (at the end of the surprise round), and then roll initiative like normal in the first round.

Allergy: engine oil (-2)


Annabelle comes from a family of powerful sparks – but she never had any talent at all. Driven to sanity by her insane family, she has decided to travel the world in search of glory, proving to them that she is just as good, if not better, than they are.

Aided in her quest by an impressive collection of gadgets, she cannot build new items – but she sure knows how to fix them, pilot them, and utilize them to their fullest extent.

Due to a tragic lab accident when she was small, Annabelle will believe almost anything that logic dictates is possible. She has a prosthetic sense of mistrust, but it is a poor substitute.

Her giant gun shoots purple blobs of plasma. It is best to avoid these if at all possible.

Lives above a blacksmith shop in Prymors’kyi.


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