Session 9-29-13

The morning dawns bright and early. Miriam settles down to continue her investigation into generalizing the negation of the effects of Bruno’s device. RoboDetective is keeping an eye out for whatever investigation Bruno might be doing into the party. Minerva heads out to get some salvage at a local junkyard.Annabelle heads into the commercial district and is tempted by the shopkeepers, but she has no money.
Miriam now understands the logic that Ozymandias had used. She is fairly sure that she could replicate his work on other objects/clanks, but it would take some time in comparison to how impressively fast Ozymandias knew what to do with each item/clank.
Miriam and Minerva find a job at the town hall organizing their files as the staff is dreadfully overworked. They are now very familiar with their organizing system. RoboDetective gets a good tune-up from Annabelle.
The time approaches for the fight and the whole party, except CatWagon. RoboDetective is briefed on the rules, that the goal is to fight to disabling, not destruction. He can’t bring any weapon in that is not attached to him. He uses the name the Investigator. His opponent the Janitor is announced! RB quickly figures out that those pincers are going to be used to grab him.
The fight starts and the two impressive clanks circle each other. The Janitor lunges at RB and he pushes off the edge of the ring and punches him. RB hits a button on his stomach while pinned by the Janitor and activates an emergency override, but there are no immediate effects of his thoughtful action. The fight is dramatic, but RB takes a lot of damage. Then RB activates his anti-gravity paint, executes his shiny plot and slams his opponent onto his back. His treasured trenchcoat was damaged and thus, RB put his all into the fight to protect his trenchcoat. He wins!

The leader of the ring informs RB that Bruno is doing something to the west. The people are being taken to his mansion and never seen again. Bodies are found downriver, but could have been anyone. The bodies are burned. He says there have been hints about another one coming. He is totally okay with some upgrades being made between this fight and the next. Annabelle offers to work for him as a mechanic, but he is only interested in a long-term person.

The next day, Annabelle and RB obtain dinner-appropriate dress. The party gussies up, drives over in Catwagon. A steward welcomes us and introduces the humans, but refers to the clanks as escorts. Bruno is sitting at the head of the table, serious and dark-haired. Nearby are several domestic but still blue-crystal headed clanks.
Bruno makes remarks implying that Annabelle should have control over RB. Annabelle comments on the bridge. Bruno explains that it will be wide enough and strong enough for many men to walk abreast. He has no worries about defense. RB questions whether the number of guards indicates a threat. He says that he will not talk to tools. RB stalks off.
Minerva notices that he is paying a lot more attention to Annabelle than the others. He is very interested in her last name in particular. Bruno believes in maintaining strict control and order over everything to ensure happiness. He had to ensure that the sparks in the city were in control. Annabelle asks if there are many problems with sedition. The common people do not know what is best for them. Annabelle asks, “How do you feel about democracy?” Bruno carefully fends off mentions of the important things.

He rambles, "Everyone spends so much time on getting each clank to be perfect, instead you must centralize their energy their thoughts, just control everything from the center. Need a way to project these things, details are proprietary. The actual clanks themselves need no brains. "
RoboDetective is snooping, but followed by a serving clank. He tries to knock out the serving clank, then bluff when it does not succeed. Fighter clanks come and escort him off the property.

After the party reconvenes, we share our gleanings from our meeting with Bruno with RB. Miriam shares her theory that the blue crystal is what receives the signal from the primary device and if we take it out, so will we take out the clank. The plan is decided to try to get our contacts at the town hall, Anton and Ariel and RB’s acquaintance to help us. We need to make a jamming device that will block outgoing signals and test to see if Miriam’s theory is correct. If it is, we need to figure out the best weapons to take out the crystals in their heads. We will spend the next week preparing and gaining allies.

We go to meet Anton and Ariel in their favorite seedy bar. RoboDetective says that we have information that the Prince has created a device causing the clanks to go berserk. He shares more of our information and challenges one brother’s assertion that as the authority in the city, he is the legal ruler in the city. Miriam refuses to share the information of how to take out the clanks until they agree to help. They do and share their opinion that this is a very wise way to do it.



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