Session 9-15-13

Party OC pow-wow: What do we know? What are we going for? Destroying or stealing parts of the device? Convince Ozymandias to come to New Dessia.

Abraham Lichstein offers to set up an appt with Bruno for 5 people? W42-502 accepts. Abraham explains that Monika Malinowski’s role has largely been in subduing the most dangerous rogue clanks and has many brilliant ideas about running the city. She is incredibly smart. W42-502 asks if there is anything she wants or is looking for? Abraham Lichstein says that everyone has had issues recently, you should ask her.

W42-502 offers Monika Malinowski a way to protect against the rogue clanks, but what can you offer in return? Info about Bruno: He used to come out into the city more, but he hasn’t really since the craziness started. I suspect a connection between him and the craziness, but he has all the clanks who obey him. W42-502 asks if she will help us find the device? Let me know if you find it…but good luck.Monika MalinowskiMaybe you can figure out where the people are disappearing to. Every now and then the clanks arrest someone and they are never seen again. W42-502 Will return tomorrow with more information. There is a small town not far from here with a being known as Ozymandias that can create a protection for certain clanks. Monika Malinowski Thanks! I’ve been trying to figure that out for months!

The party meets up near the entrance to the city. The city is much emptier than it should be, everyone is scared and rushing home in clumps except the crystal-headed guards. W42-502 plays everyone the record of the town hall excursion. W42-502 and Annabelle go in search of information by pubcrawling. MADAC goes searching for newspapers…on the roofs…it is not terribly effective. Annabelle is taken in by a blustering drunk person who claims he can take on the robots by himself.

W42-502 learns that Ariel and Anton are heroes that are going to save the day! Bruno Abdank is constructing an army to conquer the empire. Major construction is happening on Lepoe Street. Bruno Abdank’s Seneschal are based in town city and desperately trying to keep everything under control. There is an illegal underground fighting ring.

W42-502 and Annabelle goes to the underground ring in the evening by carefully following secret methods. The big, dark dingy room is full of gambling and betting and the FIGHT of clanks. Two clanks fight, one clank is winning, but draws it out. Next fight in two hours! A smartly dressed man, Xander, walks up to RB, tries to get him to fight in the ring. W42-502 is willing to give profits from the fights in exchange for information. He wants to know where the people disappearing go. He implies that he has information, but W42-502 gets the feeling that he doesn’t really have that much to offer. W42-502 says he will only fight for someone who can give or find the information that he is looking for. Xander says he’ll do his best to get the information. W42-502 accepts being in one fight for him. The fight will be next week. [[:annabelle] is talking about clanks with the various seedy characters.

Miriam sits down with CatWagon and Fe in an attempt to understand how to generalize the modifications Ozymandias suggested for the clanks. She comes to understand why it works for this particular clank, but generalizing it needs further study. Meanwhile Minerva works on adding lasers to Catwagon’s eyes. With the assistance of the stableboy courtesy of a bribe, she tries, but sadly she doesn’t have good enough glass.

MADAC sees suspicious figures. He sees gargoyle-like clanks flying around, they see him as soon as he sees them, 1 larger one and 3 smaller ones. They fly towards him, claws extended as if to grab him. He loses them, including running them near a set of guards which loses them in the resulting chaos.

The whole party heads over to the town hall, but carefully pretend that MADAC is not a member of our group. At some point a couple of the guards come up to MADAC and say, state your business? The sparks walk on, but Annabelle says come on, we have a place to be! Clanks ask if he is chasing us. She successfully convinces them that all is well and they go off. The party reaches city hall and Abraham Lichstein.

Abraham Lichstein said that Bruno Abdank would love to speak with the travelers from New Dessia. We have been invited to a formal dinner in 7 days at his house. He gives a formal invitation for each of the humans. RB what do you recommend for etiquette at the dinner? Bruno Abdank is harsh, tends to be rude and arrogant to people he considers less than himself. He is very confident in his own skills. He refuses to believe that anything he has done could have created the rogue clanks. The device operates the guards. 4 months ago Bruno Abdank completed something and then…the crazy started. His response could range from off with your head to exile to hmph.

W42-502 finds a list of 20 people who disappeared. None of the disappeared people were officially arrested with charges, but the records don’t have any information about them at all once they have disappeared. The pair also get the blueprints of the manor successfully with W42-502’s help distracting the clerk to get information about history of sparks in the city. W42-502 get the map of the whole manor, blueprints indicate that there is a tunnel going to the underground storehouses which is not on the map. Both of them save the blueprints using their recording abilities. There is a concealed door within the manor marked basement to get to the storehouse.

W42-502 talks to Abraham about the town. He also asks the townspeople about the gargoyles, he learns that 1 other clank had been mauled by something at night. Annabelle goes to the docs and is learning about how to pilot the local boats. There is a good chunk of trade on the river, but they don’t really build their own boats much, though they do repair them. She has offers to join a boat crew, but chooses to go out for drinks instead. She learns that some boats have been attacked, which has negatively effected trade to some degree.

Minerva looks for glass, but only finds a mirror she can use. She asks the stableboy to give her a hand, but she has difficulty focusing.

W42-502 finds a tailor to make him a nice suit for the Prince’s shindig, but it would be very expensive. He says no. Miriam makes another go at generalizing the clank modification, but makes no progress. MADAC thinks about going forth to tempt fate by repeating his nightly searches, but decides not to. RB goes to search out rumors. He learns: “Some of the local residents are forming a resistance movement to remove Bruno before he gets crazy enough to cause serious damage to the city. I heard that one of the first clanks to gain sentience knows something about how Bruno’s mass producing so many clanks.”
Minerva tries again to make the lasers for Catwagon. She goes into spark frenzy and adds some interesting features to the lasers. Now Catwagon can spend up to 3 rounds just staring at an enemy and gets a +2 per turn on attacking. The ashes can be raspberry, lime, or orange flavored and scented. (will we be making potpourri of our enemies?)

W42-502 goes in search of Anton & Ariel and walks into the same bar, the Sailor’s Delight, that annabelle is in. Annabelle calls out, “Hey! Whatcha doing here?” W42-502 “Taking care of business.” Annabelle, winks “Say no more.” The pair he is looking for are armed with spark-made weapons. They agree to speak with him. They discuss politics briefly. Anton comments on his recording eyes. They claim that they are heroes and will save every town! The pair lost their bikes recently… W42-502 asks “What do you know about clanks patrolling the streets and strangeness?” Ariel shuts up Anton before he can really answer the question. W42-502 is offering information to help them out, but doesn’t want to be their extra minion. He offers to tell them about their bikes. He tells them that his group drove them off without damage to themselves, but two were damaged beyond repair. This puts them off W42-502 just a bit. They also say they don’t know the Inquisitor. The pair is originally from Warsaw and they would not want to confine themselves to only one city. He excuses himself.



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