Session 9-1-13

As we travel onward, we run into more and more destruction. Several days later, we are close to the city. We have continued to see destroyed and damaged wagons, dead people, and badly damaged clanks. After a couple days we reach a small town, Slupsk, near by Bialystok, distant suburb of our destination. It seems almost entirely unharmed, no serious defenses, small with supplementary farms. We see no reason for it to be unharmed when nearby locations have been devastated.

The clanks are feeling a little bit odd. Guns are acting a bit off. Clanks feel like they are getting suggestions on what to do that aren’t really what you would have thought about, following thought patterns that are out of character.

The human members of the party head into town, in search of meat pie. The clanks stay behind outside the town. There are guards watching for people coming in. There are about 100 people here. Annabelle finds tasty foodstuffs, including meat pies.

Annabelle asks the vendor if there have been any more travelers. He said there was trouble coming out of Bialystok. The spark there has been producing many clanks, but the other clanks have been acting so odd and causing so much destruction. A being called Ozimandias appeared right before the trouble and he/it keeps the town safe. He answers questions, but only for a question in return and speaks in riddle. He is made of energy. Miriam investigates the blacksmith’s work/

Annabelle shares her information with the sparks. They go back to the blacksmith to ask for more info. The new ones have these blue heads and mostly stick to the city. Then there’s the rogues, but the townspeople don’t have many issues with them. Blue-headed robots are about 7-8ft, solid, always multiplying. They can talk and they are armed with guns. He says that Ozymandias is weird, asks questions that are very random, from deep philosophical to very specific, it is okay as long as you do your best to answer the question. Had difficulty with a blacksmithing thing, asked and he had a great suggestion.

The humans go back and fill in the rest of the group. Victor Suvorov (Agent 37) is asked if he wants to add anything and he says no. W42-502 continues to feel suspicious of Victor. The party heads out to the cave.

He greets us: I call myself Ozymandias, welcome! Answer a question, ask a question.

Annabelle: Why have so many rogue clanks been coming out of of Bielestock?
O: Who do you most fear in the world?
A: I guess the Baron. He could ruin my family.
O: The device is flawed. To those who are not properly attuned, it grants strange properties, but it also make them made.

Minerva: What is the nature of the force affecting our tools and companions mechanical?
O: What is your purpose in coming here?
M: To get away. FAR away. Europa is not the safest place for a female Spark at the moment. I figured the further into the boonies I went, the better chance I had. And there’s always a demand for guns.
O: The man who has named himself Bruno, has created a device that sends out thoughts to control his own beings, but it affected beings not attuned properly incorrectly.

MADAC: Who are you?
O: Do you have anything worth living for?
M: No
O: I am the being that calls itself Ozymandias.

Annabelle: Why did I not get the spark?
O: Who were the sparks in your family?
A: Well, let’s see, there’s (lists 8-9 aunts, uncles, her father, not sure about mom, her brother and 7 cousins and her grandfather, great and great great grandfather)
O: Perhaps you did not want it, I am uncertain.

RoboDetective: Can you give us specific details on the device works that Bruno created and if it can be deactivated without harming the clanks in the vicinity?
O: Where did you come from?
R: My creator Hans made me in the attempt to make an army like me. He was a mad spark with dreams of world domination. I was the first prototype war machine to use in his army. But something about the process was flawed and I was able to make a choice when he ordered me to kill his enemies. I defeated him before he could cause more harm to the people living there. Not having any purpose I set off to find a place to find my purpose. That is why I have chosen to become a detective of new dessia. I have also joined with those here in assisting with their goals. And with them, I have learned more about myself.
O: The device is not one but 3, the first provides power, the 2nd provides thoughts, the 3rd sends 1 and two to all that are receptive. Disabling by destroying the power or otherwise ending its influence.

Miriam: How do we otherwise end its influence?
O: What do you think the nature of sin and repentance is?
M: I believe that a grievous sin…
O: I believe I have a way of protecting an individual object, however it will need to be personalized for every single object. I cannot give you a generic way, but I can help you protect each one of your items if you wish.

MADAC: Where do you derive your knowledge from?
O: Describe the political situation in New Dessia.
M: Lists the names of the counsel and the people interacted with, gov is partially by merchants and the wealthy of society
O: From what I have learned by studying the world around me and asking questions.

Robodetective: Ozymandius, what are your orgins and why do you protect this particular village?
O: What quality do you think you are most defined by?
R: I am most defined by logic and reasoning quality that I use to investigate and reason through the problems that I run into during my travels.
O: I was created by Bruno but I do not believe that he meant for me to come out the way I did.

O: Specifics about a situation in New Dessia
O: I cannot protect everything and I happened in this direction while fleeing Bielastock. I protect this village bc I happened here. It feels right to protect being less powerful than myself.

MADOC: If we destroy the device in Bielastock, will you be destroyed as well?
O: What your goal in existence?
M: To complete myself as I am a fundamentally flawed machine. After that I do not know, but I will do what my creator intended for me to do. See the world through other’s eyes.
O: No I no longer depend on that abominable device I rendered myself protected.

Robodetective: Why has Bruno not deactivated the device despite its harmful effects on the clanks in the area?
O: Why has Bruno not deactivated the device despite its harmful effects on the clanks in the area?

Robodetective: What would happen if we were not immune to the effects as we approached Bialystok?
O: What do you think the nature of sin and repentance is?
R: I do not know the meaning as it is subjective to each people. I prefer to deal with that which is not so grey. Laws of certain areas which need not be so subjective. Repentance is when an individual truly wishes to be forgiven for an act others find reprehensible.
O: The longer you are within range of the device, the greater it will be. It will change your personality for better or for worse. I cannot say. Eventually a different consciousness will be in your place.

Immunity for Robodetective:
O: What is the most interesting thing you have seen on your path btwn here and New Dessia?
R: It is the most interesting encounter that I had on my way here was meeting someone who was not what they seemed to be, a man with mechanical implants in his body that allowed him to perform many amazing abilities.
O: An interesting response. [explains a simple, but random way to fix it] There is a buzzing while that was happening.

Protecting fe O: How did you construct the clank?
M: (blathers on)
O: [explains how to fix Fe]

All our items and clanks are creepy-force free.

Does he know the name of a spark who could create an earthquake device?
O: Asks the question back

What else can you do besides make us immune? Can you create things as well?
O: I would not wish to try to improve things. I do not have the spark.

Miriam: What purpose did Bruno create you for?
O: What activity do you most enjoy in life?
O: I was created to provide energy for his device.

Robodetective: Are you the power source for your device?
O: I was the power source for your device.

M: Is there anything that you think we should know about Bruno?
O: What should I know about you?
O: His character failings are many, but the device is flawed even beyond them.

As we get close to the walled city of Bialystok,we notice it is guarded by large clanks. The clanks have large blue crystals in place of eyes/ears/etc. Sound comes from their chest. We are asked to identify ourselves and purpose of visit. RoboDetective has some questions.
RoboDetective: who would I speak to have some questions answered. Where does Bruno live? In Frances Palace, visible from here. How long has he been the prince? A decade or two.
There are a good amount of small groups of the blue crystal clanks around, but otherwise not that many people.

MADOC, Annabelle, Fe, and Catwagon eventually find an Inn willing to accept the clanks. MADOC and Fe go into the common room, but it isn’t very busy.
Rest of the party goes to town hall, around the river to get to the town hall (bridge is in the process of being built). Town hall is fairly large, ornate, but not too ornate. A couple of people nearby look fairly harried and harassed and are highly nervous about RoboDetective. RoboDetective does his best to look not scary, they kinda believe our assertions it is all good.
There are some guards, but no clanks inside town hall. We see 3 people, one introduces him as [[a:braham]], Town Manager and introduces his companions. Mikolaj Kopernik and Monika Malinowski. Will give us whatever help we need.

We learn that things are going crazy, Bruno Abdank’s clanks can’t keep everything in control. He don’t mean to speak ill of the prince but….We carry on here. No real sense of what is happening outside of the city. Mikolaj Kopernik has come up with a way to fix clanks up, it keeps them from going crazy but destroys their personality. She is a weak spark. Do you have any theories on why the clanks are going crazy? I don’t investigate such things. RoboDetective says that he will work as a detective hoping to help with this problem.



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