Session 11-10-13

Minerva and Annabelle try to make the blocking item, but fail dramatically, wasting much salvage. The pair are rather depressed about it. Meanwhile MADAC observes the city dramatically from above and Miriam goes to look for salvage.

Miriam meets the pair of failed inventors back at the inn and they decide to meet Anton and Ariel in the bar to see how they did. Anton was successful and made a rather intense device that uses smoke to block the signal.

After a brief discussion of who should do what, Anton and Ariel declare themselves the heroes and we’ll follow.

Our party follows Anton’s party to the planned point. They activate the device as two guards walk by. The guards keep walking. The goons hang up on one, crush the crystal and it immediately shuts down, not falling, but not moving at all. Anton attacks with a rapier- like weapon that runs with electricity. With a pop, the crystal is damaged, but not destroyed. It continues walking. They gang up on it and take it out. Anton says, “Theory is proved correct. But now the real test.” He deactivates it and the clanks stay down.

We hear something approaching and quickly hide the clank bodies in a nearby warehouse. The party returns to our inn. The next day, we discuss what to do next. Eventually, the plan is to have Annabelle send a note to see if Bruno would be willing to meet with Annabelle again, while using CatWagon as a Trojan Horse to carry the device. While we wait, have Minerva and Anton can make a second device. Our goal is to get to that basement.

Annabelle sends the following letter via Abraham who says, “I will try to send this note to you, but Bruno has been very busy since last night.”
“Dear sir, I have been thinking about our meeting the other night. While I no longer have much contact with my family, I may be interested in an alliance of one sort or another. Would it be possible to meet, just the two of us, to discuss our future? “

While we wait for a reply, Minerva goes to the inn to see if Anton will help her make a second device. Miriam goes along to potentially take them out of spark frenzy if we run out of time. They succeed in making a second device that works on slightly different concepts.
Annabelle gets a reply that there is matter of state he must attend to, but perhaps in a week. Annabelle discusses with Miriam if an intimidating letter might be the best choice to reply. Annabelle believes that Bruno is in search of a wife. The letter is sent off via Abraham again.

RoboDetective and MADAC engage in a strategy planning session. They discuss potentially having Anton and Ariel being the distraction at the front and maybe us at the back.

The party goes to meet Anton and Ariel. They are debating politely with each other. One says that he has made friends with people who are against Bruno. They have plans to make an attack tomorrow on the bridge. The other feels like there must be something more to it. The concern is whether the attack is addressing Bruno’s ability to churn out these clanks. Robodetective is unsure whether we should help. It is decided that we should speak to them and see what their plans are and if they can accommodate us.

We meet their contacts at midnight with Ariel. “We heard about your work helping with a rogue clank a few weeks ago, what do you want to talk about?” Ariel turns it over to our group and with some misteps we convince them to hold off for 3 days, then regardless of whether we are truly ready, we will go forward. Our plan is to wait 2 days hoping we get info from our underground contact, then 1 day looking for info if it comes to that, then act on the 3rd day regardless.

Xander says that strange things do come in and out of the manor sometimes, but that is normal for a spark. Other than that, he’s got nada for us. Annabelle got a response that he will have dinner with you in two nights. This would be the night before our attack would be planned. She replies that she would prefer the next night so that her dress will be prepared. He agrees in a very condescending way and Miriam offers to make her toys of womanly revenge. Annabelle requests a sleeping draught.

RoboDetective gets her a sleeping draught. The three days pass and Anton and Ariel show up at our inn, saying, so, let’s do this!



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