Log: 1-26-14

RoboDetective, having not had much business, goes into the poor area of the city for a walk to reestablish himself as an Investigator in the area. Annabelle goes to hand out with some friends, mostly young apprentices and minor nobles without much to do who go out to get drunk. The two groups don’t associate but are the category of people she hands out with. Annabelle learns that the council has been pointedly combative lately. Minerva becomes more familiar with the area around Miriam’s house and now can get around the neighborhood and find her way back. MADAC spend a few days being a creeper in bars without buying anything. Robodetective is keeping an eye out for jobs and reestablishing his presence.

A few days later we introduce Ozymandias to the council. We are sent word that the meeting is at 1pm. Igor has already introduced the council to the idea, asks us if we don’t want to come, but all of us come. The gorgeous building is large and simple, if well-made building. We are conducted to the Council chambers, a large circular room with 10 entrances, one for each council member and the primary entrance. The throne is empty, but for the council.

Igor Trebe-well dressed, mild mannered lord
Kris –old but wildly intense guy
Kessler-several books are out, is pretty bored with what is going on
Nelsdevetz-young well dressed man who is paying close attention
Daniel- luxuriating a comfy chair
Alexander- dressed nicely, but shabbily
The two ladies are conservatively and less conservatively

We are told to stand outside and wait, they are finishing up a discussion. We hear that they are discussing the raider issue of them being armed and equipped. They move onto our business.

“I had some brave young members of our city go explore the rumors we heard of Bialystock. They found something quite interesting and I would like to show you the being that they found and convinced to bring here.”
Kessler is now paying attention

“Greeting, I call myself Ozymandias. I am most interested in your people and studying and learning what I can. I ask only for a place to stay and I will answer questions for a question.” He introduces himself to the council. Igor vouches for Ozymandias’ intellect
Robodetective notes that the sparks are quite interested. They ask Ozymandias what he is looking for. Catacombs are mentioned. Igor argues for the catacombs under his estate. The sparks want him at the University, but Ozymandias doesn’t want to be studied really, so he ends up in the catacombs near Igor’s estate. Rumors for a decade or so that crime is more organized in this city more than we like to admit, the Bratva. Supposdiely they have been weakened or strengthened. What will happen if we crack down? Do they help or not help?
Meanwhile there is a shouting match about Ozymandias between the sparks. Igor is willing to allow for full public free access to Ozymandias. We should also make an announcement to the populace, telling the location and thanks for all of the group’s efforts.

We take Ozymandias to a small but elegant house near the outskirts of the city. There is a crypt. After a quick exploration, Ozymandias declares the crypt acceptable.

Everyone but Minerva heads out to investigate the Bratva. Robodetective puts together a few bits and bobs: Organized crime group, actually fairly new to the city, about 20 years ago. They supplanted a different group when they first got here, which was less well organized and criminal in nature. Marat Balagula is a name associated with the Bratva. We are heading to speak with Gretl, the owner of the Quiver and Stallion Inn who had decided to stop paying Bratva’s fee. It is a fairly nice three-story inn.

We head over in early afternoon. The bar is sparsely populated. MADAC speaks to Gretl, after RoboDetective advises him to be subtle. MADAC plans to hit on Gretl first. He does so, far better than expected and she is utterly charmed. She explains that she used to pay the fees of the Bratva, but I’ve been hearing rumors that they are now pretty busy, so I decided to stop, see if I can’t lower my rates in general. I am not scared of those punks. She thinks she is likely the first person to not pay their fees. MADOC buys the girls a drink. Gretl explains that the Bratva normally sends someone over to collect the payment. She called in all her bouncers and just said no. The Bratva representative grumbled, made some threats and left. Robodetective has a plan to stake out the other inns and figure out where they report back to.

We go to a nearby inn to try a few methods. MADOC tries to get the innkeeper to tell him if they are still paying Bratva and gets kicked out. Miriam gets the following rumor: Some group from New Dessia is responsible for helping out with that affair up North in Bialystok. I hear the town’s new leadership is highly appreciative!

Something catches on fire outside. MADOC sees that the Quiver and Stallion Inn is on fire. We rush out to see what is going on. We all dash towards the fire. MADOC heads into the room he thinks is Gretl’s. Miriam asks Gretl who is in the house.

Annabelle and MADOC explore the house on fire and rescue several bystanders, passing some to Fe. Meanwhile Robodetective faces off against two of Bratva who turn out to be better armed than expected. He, with the assistance of Minerva and MADOC , takes them out.



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