Game 11-25-13

Annabelle prepares for her grand evening with Bruno. She goes over in Catwagon. Their dinner goes very well, as Annabelle takes the tack of complimenting him extensively. He goes on about how the empire is being run down and how he could fix it. After some hours, they adjourn to another room at Annabelle’s suggestion. She brings up the elephant in the room, her own connections to the sparky lineage of her family.
Bruno points out the great power he has and is coming into. Annabelle offers that perhaps they could have a marriage alliance in a whisper and slips the sleeping draught into his drink. He thinks that this would a most excellent idea, raising his glass in a toast and they drink everything in their glasses. Shortly, Bruno becomes rather tired. He invites her back the next night and goes back to bed after telling her to speak to Abraham to arrange it.
Annabelle sits at the table for a little bit and around 11 requests to go upstairs. The server says that she has no authorization to do so. She requests an escort outside. She rejoins the rest of the group where we are assembled. Everyone is appropriately armed.

At 11:15, fighter clanks begin to assemble at the front entrance of the manor, 4 or 5 of them. At 11:40 the clanks as one start to march over in the general direction of the bridge. We set up our ladder and find the window locked at the top. However, with our handy dandy glass cutter, we get in.

Everyone gets into the upper hallway with no issues and Annabelle turns on the device. We manage to avoid the servants and we reach the stairs down into the basement. There are two blue crystal clanks, but they seem to be firing wildly, like they don’t know where the targets are. MADAC and Minerva successfully take out both of the clanks. We hear the sounds of clattering, perhaps a door opening. There follows a short battle with a variety of clanks. We also discover some people hiding where they’ve been “living” nearby.

We fight our way through to the door to the mechanism. In the center of the rough cave is a massive ball of energy. When people move too fast, they get zapped. After some sparky investigating, we figure out the center is the power generator, the top is something which is pointlessly big, something repeated over and over again, each piece is essentially a clank brain. They are well built, but not particularly amazing, but all wired together. The bottom portion is the transmitter. RoboDetective destroyed the transmitter part quickly in order to stop Bruno’s soldiers.

The central part of the device however, as Oxymandias was, is sentient and simply wants to die. The party in the end disables him and carries that part of the device away. Miriam also takes a brain. The sparks salvage as much as they can on our way out.

The city is in revolution. Bruno has been taken into custody, his soldiers are out. We are heading towards Oxymandias.



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